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Kroger has announced that it will close down its Main & Vine store, a single-unit test format that it opened about two years ago in Gig Harbor, Washington.

The closing will take place shortly after the new year.

Kristal Howard, a Kroger spokesman, tells the local News Tribune in an emailed statement that “from the Main & Vine experience, we have learned many things about some of the best ways to provide quality, fresh and new foods to our customers. Our family of companies has already started to incorporate some of these features and unique offerings in other stores across the country, including the new Fred Meyer store opening next month in Gig Harbor.”
KC's View:
No doubt the opening of a new Fred Meyer made it a lot easier to pull the plug on Main & Vine.

I visited Main & Vine twice over the years, and chronicled its decline from what I thought was a pretty good idea into something that I thought was suffering from nobody-gives-a-damn syndrome.

You can check them out here and here.

Nothing wrong with trying an experiment that doesn’t work out, though I worry a little bit that Main & Vine shriveled from neglect, not from misguided strategy and tactics. The important thing is to continue to innovate and iterate.