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The Seattle Times has a follow-up “think piece” to one that MNB took note of from the New York Times a few weeks ago - about the Smart Kitchen Summit that recently took place in Seattle, in which the writer considered not just the technology on display, but the implications.

“The ‘democratization’ bandied about seemed to mean access to more technology, more information, more ease and more fun — for those who can afford it,” the story says. “Yes, the robots will improve and the cost will come down, but is it too low-tech to point out that there are still so many people, even here in the United States of America, who don’t have enough to eat?”

And, it goes on: “Kitchens are just starting to get smart, and the almighty market likely will take care of the sillier ideas. Meanwhile, there’s still time to consider what problems we’re trying to solve as the future comes along.”

The piece is worth reading here
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