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Bloomberg has a story about “ a recently released consumer survey by RBC Capital Markets … showing Amazon already dominating online grocery shopping.” Amazon seems to have a wide lead in terms e-grocery market share, and it “has only just begun absorbing Whole Foods' merchandise and its perishables supply chain, which should help it build on its wide lead.”

But, the story says, it is too early to draw long-term conclusions about the future, because e-grocery remains a largely uncharted frontier (especially when compared to other categories). And, “while many retail categories have seen a significant share of spending move online, grocery remains largely a brick-and-mortar business.”

Bloomberg writes: “So Amazon has a big slice of the pie -- but at this point it's a pretty tiny pie. It will be much easier for rivals to topple Amazon from its perch here than, say, in electronics, where swiping and tapping your way to a purchase is already an entrenched behavior.

“In the online grocery business, shoppers' habits are still forming. Their priorities are different. And that gives Kroger Co., Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Target Corp. and others a real chance to woo them.”
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