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• The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon “is trying to ship each order in one correctly sized package instead of multiple boxes, responding to rising shipping costs and consumers’ concern about the environmental impact and general nuisance of all that cardboard. That means adding bubble envelopes, tweaking algorithms and negotiating with manufacturers to make smaller packaging specifically for online sales, not store shelves.
KC's View:
Funny that this story popped up. Tom Furphy and I talked about this very subject in our most recent Innovation Conversation, and then yesterday I got the following email from an MNB reader about plastic bag bans:

If plastic bags are such an issue, what about all the single Amazon boxes that get thrown out daily?  That would seem to be a much larger contributor to landfills.  The boxes I throw out definitely take up a much larger portion of our recycling bins.

I totally agree. This is an issue that Amazon absolutely has to address, and I think they have to be as nimble and innovative in doing so as they are in so many other parts of their business.