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Investor’s Business Daily writes that Amazon “wants users of its Alexa voice interface technology to do more than ask simple questions about the weather and traffic or give basic commands to play music and control the lights. It wants users to have conversations with Alexa.”

The goal, according to David Isbitski, Amazon's chief evangelist for Alexa and Echo, is “for people to have conversations with Amazon Echo smart speakers and other devices like they're on ‘Star Trek’.”

The concept is called "ambient computing.” Isbitski says that “at Amazon, we really feel that this represents the next major disruption in computing. This is going to be the most natural way to interact with technology.”
KC's View:
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If you want a sense of how Jeff Bezos sees the world, just watch “Star Trek.” Especially, I think,”Star Trek: The Next Generation.” Look at the holodecks and the replicators and the transporters and even the computer interfaces … and you can see the Amazon/Bezos vision of the world. Actually, the universe.