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by Kevin Coupe

USA Today reports that cult favorite fast food burger chain In-N-Out has figured out one way to make sure its stores maintain a high level of service and food quality.

It pays store managers exceedingly well - in excess of $160,000 a year, on average.

That salary, experts say, is way higher than at other fast food chains. And, In-N-Out managers are responsible for just one store, and “for all aspects of the restaurant, from employee training to the cleanliness of counter tops.”

Denny Warnick , In-N-Out Vice President of Operations, says that the pay scale goes back to the company’s beginnings, and a belief that “quality service requires quality employees with quality pay.”

“Paying their associates well was just one way to help maintain that focus, and those beliefs remain firmly in place with us today,” Warnick says.

Which is why, I think, I have never had an interaction with an indifferent In-N-Out employee, and I’ve always had a sense that its stores are run by people who are taught to leaders, not just managers. It’s the best kind of double-double.

That’s something you can’t get online. And it is an Eye-Opener.
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