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We talked yesterday again about how Amazon has released a video teaser for a commercial that it will run during Super Bowl LII this Sunday. You can watch it at left … the premise is that Amazon has to do something because Alexa has lost her voice … and we said here that it seems likely that the actual commercial will have people auditioning to replace Alexa. (Two immediate nominees from an MNB reader - Oprah and Michelle Obama.)

I wrote:

It is an interesting exercise, thinking about people who fit into the cultural zeitgeist and who viewers would tweet and talk about once the commercial is over. And so, if anyone wants to nominate likely voices, I’m happy to run them here. Maybe I can even come up with a prize for whoever gets the most right, or comes up with the most unlikely name that proves to be accurate.

We got a number of nominations for James Earl Jones. (I’m not sure Darth Vader is exactly the mood Amazon is going for, but who knows?)

Also, several people suggested comedian Gilbert Gottfried.

From another reader: Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, Betty White and Snoop Dog. Also, Bill Gates.

From another: William Shatner, Rosanne Barr, and Stephen Hawking.

(Which gives me another idea, based on Jeff Bezos’ enthusiasm for “Star Trek” - all of the franchise’s captains, including Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew, Scott Bakula, Chris Pine, and maybe even Jason Issacs and Michelle Yeoh.)

Another reader suggested Hillary Clinton. (Not gonna happen.)

The suggestion that made me laugh out loud, because it was so unexpected and unlikely:


Additional nominations are more than welcome.

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