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Responding to our story yesterday about how best Buy plans to stop selling CDs in-store, one MNB reader wrote:

I was not happy that the radio in the new car I bought last March does not have CD player.  I have to download my CD collection to the cloud and then can play them through the radio using my iPhone.  That’s a lot to ask Form this 75 year old.

From another reader:

Not surprising that Best Buy is getting out of CD’s. The last several times I’ve gone there looking for a CD I couldn’t find what I was looking for. They had a bunch of things I had no interest in and none of what I wanted. Several times I’ve asked for help and had gotten a warm body but that’s about all. They couldn’t find it themselves and when I asked if they could check their inventory.  Once they checked and said they showed that they had one but couldn’t find it and the other time I was encouraged to go online to find it myself. I did go online, to Amazon!

Regarding the growth of smart speaker technology, one MNB reader wrote:

If I understand correctly what smart speakers are, I’m not in favor. It’s a home privacy issue for me.

And MNB reader Terry Pyles wanted to weigh in on the comment that it is ironic Starbucks is launching a credit card at the same time it tests a cash-free store:

All due respect; that's not irony it's synergy.
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