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by Kevin Coupe

Another day, another bit of synergy between Amazon and its supermarket division, Whole Foods.

According to Forbes Amazon Prime members this Valentine’s Day “can get a great deal on long-stem red roses at Whole Foods. Two dozen roses wold normally cost $24.99, and this week (until Valentine's Day) they're $19.99.”

And, the story says, “the link for the 20% off coupon on the Whole Foods page takes you to the website. And Amazon sells roses from a dozen other vendors as well. Roses and carnations, red and white, rainbow bouquets, rose hips for tea, rosé wine, dried rose petals, chocolate roses, rose plants, roses covered in gold leaf, and finally pork brains in milk gravy made by a company called Rose.”

Because nothing says love like pork brains in milk gravy.

Give that to the person you love on Valentine’s Day. Trust me. It’ll be an Eye-Opener.
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