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• The Watertown Daily Times reports that Price Chopper supermarkets is teaming up with Carthage Area Hospital to offer store tours that help participants “identify which foods pack the best nutritional punch, select healthy snacks, eat healthy on a budget, and plan for quick, healthy meals.”

I know this isn’t entirely unique, but I had to mention it because the name of the Carthage Area Hospital nutritionist who is leading the tours is Susan K. Ray. This is what you call good karma for Price Chopper, since a number of years ago it gave a woman named Rachael Ray - who appears to be unrelated to Susan - one of her first jobs doing in-store cooking demos. I just love the poetry of it all.

Bloomberg reports that Anheuser-Busch InBev is going after the organic shopper by introducing “Michelob Ultra Pure Gold that’s made with organic grains and approved by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. The idea is to capitalize on the popularity of organic food and beverages -- and win over people who might turn up their noses at big beer brands.”
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