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Nielsen is out with a new study called “The Meal Kit Opportunity,” saying that “overall, 9% of Americans say they’ve purchased a meal kit in the last six months - that’s 10.5 million households. What’s more, 25% of consumers say they would consider trying a meal kit in the next six months - that’s more than 30 million households.”

The study goes on to say that “although the majority of meal kits are purchased from online subscription services, in-store meal kit sales grew rapidly in the past year, up 26.5% to $154.6 million in sales, posting growth of more than 26% year-over-year. For context, total brick-and-mortar sales for center store edibles (grocery, dairy, frozen foods) dipped 0.1% last year to $374 billion.”

The Nielsen analysis found that “more than one-fourth (26%) of meal kit users classify themselves as gourmet cooks. Comparatively, only 16% of U.S. consumers consider themselves gourmet cooks, highlighting the notable appeal of meal kits to this consumer segment. On the flip side, 15% of Americans consider themselves frozen foodies, yet only 9% of frozen food consumers are meal kit users. Digging into to what meal kit buyers look for in the offerings they purchase, almost 60% say value for the money is extremely important, and almost half (49%) say low-cost items are important.”
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