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The Seattle Times has a piece in which it goes beyond an analysis of checkout-free Amazon Go’s technological innovations and customer experience, and looks at the quality of the food being sold there.

• A Burrata Caprese Sandwich, at $7.49, gets three-out-of-five stars, and is described as “pretty good, for grab and go.”

• The Garlic Sesame Soba Noodles, $3.49, gets two-and-a-half-stars and a “could have been worse.”

• The Essential Baking Company Brown Butter Pear Tart, $5.69, gets one star and a “Whyyyyyyyyyyyy.”

• And finally, the Chicken Teriyaki with Spinach, at $7.99, gets no stars and a “No, no, no, no, no…”
KC's View:
First of all, one critic is exactly that. There probably are ;people who really like the Chicken Teriyaki with Spinach.

But, I also would argue - and I suspect that the folks at Amazon Go would agree with me - that the quality of the food is very important. If there are missteps, they have to be addressed.

Life is too short to eat crappy food. I suspect that a lot of the folks who patronize Amazon Go probably would agree, and the people who are running the business would, too.