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Hi, Kevin Coupe here, and this is FaceTime with the Content Guy.

One of the things we talk a lot about here on MNB is the necessity of creating a compelling shopping experience if you want to compete against online retailers - it is important to do things that the online competition cannot.

During a visit to the Eataly store in Chicago, I found some great examples of how to do that.

For example, a Weekend Wine Party, which has wine carts scattered around the store, serving full glasses of wine and samples, turning the experience of walking through the store into something far more than just shopping. You can even bring your wine into one of the several great restaurants they have at Eataly - it all becomes an integrated, celebratory experience … and one you cannot get online.

And then, during the week, they have winter specials, like a pizza for $1 if you buy a bottle of wine. Or a $1 hot chocolate with the purchase of a pastry. Or a deal on homemade soup. It is like a flood of reasons to go to Eataly, which, quite frankly, is necessary in a place like Chicago where the winter weather c an be intense and you have to give people a reason to go outdoors.

But I actually wouldn’t care if this store were in Miami. This is smart, aggressive marketing.

If you are going to compete, you have to throw everything you’ve got at the challenge. Not every store can be Eataly, or should be Eataly, but every store can do more to generate customer excitement and engagement, which can then result in sales. And profits.

It means doing things that the online competition cannot.

That’s what is on my mind this morning. As always, I want to hear what is on your mind.

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