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Bloomberg reports that Amazon “has looked at the possibility of expanding its retail footprint by acquiring some locations from bankrupt Toys R Us,” though not with the intention of maintaining the toy store’s brand. Rather, Amazon is said to be interested in “using the soon-to-be-vacant spaces for its own purposes.”
KC's View:
The Bloomberg story seems to assume that Amazon would operate the stores as bricks-and-mortar retail locations, but that doesn’t strike me as necessarily true. After all, Walmart is converting 10 closed Sam’s Club locations as e-commerce distribution centers, and it may well be that a surgical purchase of certain Toys R Us locations might give Amazon a presence that will help it expand on its ability to use Whole Foods as distribution centers.

After all, it was just yesterday that we had a story about how Amazon seems to be thinking about some sort of pickup service that would allow shoppers to pick up their Whole Foods groceries, Amazon orders, and, potentially, purchases from other merchants in one location. probably not a coincidence that this stuff is all happening at the same time.