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In Minnesota, the Star-Tribune reports that Target plans to begin testing a new loyalty marketing program that will build upon rather than replace the Redcard discount program that has proven so popular that “nearly a quarter of purchases from the retailer are now made with one.” Redcard purchases give users a five percent discount.

Instead, the new Target Red program will allow members to “use 1 percent of their purchase totals toward their next Target runs. Members can also waive the $5 fee for Target Restock, the next-day delivery service for household essentials and dry groceries. Members also will receive half off the first year of a $99 membership to Shipt to access Target’s new same-day delivery service.

“Target Red members also will get to vote on which organizations Target should focus its charitable giving, a new twist on a now-defunct program previously connected to Redcard where shoppers could direct funds to the school of their choice.”

No specific payment card is attached to the program, which will begin being tested next month in Dallas.
KC's View:
I have to admit that I’m less than impressed by some of the Target stores that I’ve been to lately - especially the further they are away from the company’s Minnesota headquarters - and so I suppose they have to do everything they can to generate consumer loyalty. I agree with such moves, especially when they demonstrate the degree to which the business are loyal to their shoppers.

Since programs like AmazonPrime essentially are giant and incredibly successful loyalty programs, retailers like Target have to come up with compelling responses. I just wish some of the stores were better.