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by Kevin Coupe

Got a note this morning from Amazon saying that it is grateful for having been named number one in the Harris Poll’s annual corporate reputation survey. It is the third straight year that Amazon has been n umber one, and it has been in the top 10 for the past decade.

"On behalf of Amazonians everywhere, I extend a huge thank you to customers. We wake up each day thinking about how to delight customers and invent on their behalf - and it's energizing to see the results of these surveys," said Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and CEO. "And big kudos to the Amazonians all around the world who are doing this creative and missionary work every day for customers - thank you and congrats!”

Which is sweet.,

And to thank its customers, Amazon says, it is “taking 20% or more off select Alexa-enabled devices today.”

Which also is sweet.

Things have changed, though.

I’m a early Amazon adopter. As I’ve mentioned here before, I made my first Amazon purchase in April 1997 - a paperback entitled, “Now I Know Why Tigers Eat Their Young: How to Survive Your Teenagers-With Wisdom and a Little Humor.” (You know what was on my mind…)

But as an early adopter, I remember one Christmas getting in the mail an Amazon coffee mug, with a note from the company thanking me for being a good customer.

I don’t know where the mug is, but I remember getting it … and thinking of its an an Eye-Opening demonstration of gratitude from a retailer unlike anything I’d seen before.

Now, they just offer a discount. Not a small thing, but it is different.

On the other hand, I’ve seen reports that Amazon currently has 310 million active customers. So maybe free coffee mugs for everyone is a little out of the question…
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