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• The Washington Post has a story about a new federal regulation, scheduled to go into effect next week, that could add to the cost of goods in the US.

The rule “requires any truck traveling more than 150 miles a day to have an electronic logging device installed or the truck’s owner will face fines and could potentially lose its license to operate. The idea is to replace the manual logbooks that truckers have kept since the days of yore with something more real time and automatic … The devices will track all hours of a truck at work, even while it’s going to pick up cargo, which means less time could be available for the actual delivery before a break is required. In addition, the time logged by the devices would include when a driver is waiting - sometimes for hours - for cargo to be taken off a truck.”

And so, while supporters of the regulation argue that it will made the roads safer, there is a sense that compliance issues will add to the cost of anything shipped by truck. Which is most stuff.
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