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Bloomberg reports on how Amazon is testing out a new approach to the handyman/housekeeping business, three years after it launched a marketplace to connect consumers with people who can help them with such tasks.

Now, the story says, “Amazon is quietly hiring house cleaners in Seattle as direct employees. The online retailer is swapping the low cost of contract workers for the greater control of employing its own people. Doing so puts it on the hook for things like minimum wage, workers compensation and overtime pay. But it also lets Amazon determine how the workers are trained, which cleaning products they use and how they organize their schedules.”
KC's View:
This is not small change here - the story says that this is a $600 billion market, and so if Amazon can dip its beak here to any significant degree, it is serious stuff. Or, to quote Sen. Everett Dirksen, “A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon, you're talking real money.”

I do think that, more importantly, it reflects a desire on Amazon’s part to exert more control over any service that carries its name. And, it synchs up with other Amazon initiatives - like developing the technology that will allow its delivery personnel to bring items inside the house, not just leave it on the stoop.

When Amazon says it wants to be in the home, it isn’t kidding.