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Glossy has a story about about how Generation Z - post-Millennials generally defined as those born after 2000 - seems curiously resistant to the charms of Amazon.

“According to a report by Yes Lifecycle Marketing,” the story says, “Gen Z consumers, more than any other generation, choose to shop at other retailers besides Amazon, with 31 percent citing that they prefer the in-store shopping experience. Additionally, in a survey of whether individuals made a purchase on the platform in the last month, 79 percent of millennials reported they had, while just 62 percent of Gen Z said the same.”
KC's View:
The study makes clear that this disconnect may only be temporary. For the moment, these young people are less concerned about price and convenience, and more focused on experiential retailing and instant gratification. The expectation is that as they get older, and their priorities change, they’ll find Amazon to be more attractive.

But … the broader lesson is a good one. There are things that Amazon cannot and does not offer, at least for the moment. There are customers in play, whose futures as consumers are as yet undetermined. That leaves an opening for anyone competing with Amazon … but thy actually have to take advantage of the opening.

I haven’t used this one for a while, but it seems to be that this is a perfect time to roll out one of my favorite sayings: