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Reuters reports that Amazon “has made a formal offer to buy a 60 percent stake in Flipkart,” the India e-commerce company. The deal could complicate efforts by Walmart to acquire Flipkart; Walmart was said to be on the verge of buying a majority stake in the company for between $10 billion and $12 billion.

According to the story, “Amazon’s offer could kickstart a new battle between it and Walmart, already fierce retail rivals in the United States that have reportedly dueled over at least one acquisition before. The bid also emphasizes the importance of gaining a greater foothold in online sales in India, a market expected to be worth $200 billion a year within a decade.

“For Amazon, throwing its hat in the ring could be as much about derailing Walmart’s efforts as it would be about defending its 27 percent market share in India, consultants and investors said. The company has been pouring billions of dollars in the country to ship goods to shoppers faster.”

• Research firm SimilarWeb is out with a study saying that Amazon generated five times as much web traffic, plus visits that lasted 2.5 minutes longer, than Walmart did in the US over the past 12 months.
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