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Business Insider reports on how Chipotle, in less than two weeks, has increased its delivery business by 667 percent.

Now, that high number is largely because until two weeks ago, according to CEO Brian Niccol, few people knew that Chipotle delivers. Two weeks ago, that changed when a new partnership with delivery service DoorDash kicked in.

Niccol, who just joined Chipotle from Taco Bell, tells Business Insider that “most Chipotle locations have a ‘second line’ dedicated to making burritos, bowls, and more for customers other than those who are ordering in the restaurants, such as for mobile orders and catering.” However, that second line was largely underutilized, and he determined to use it to drive previously untapped sales.
KC's View:
I must admit that since Chipotle went through all its food safety problems, I have not been to one. I’ve been worried that what it might deliver is not all what I’d want … like a case of food poisoning. Just can’t get past it.