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• Amazon founder/CEO Jeff Bezos, at the company’s annual meeting in Seattle yesterday, “acknowledged the e-commerce giant has come under a lot of scrutiny this year,” but “seemed open to increased inspection,” according to a CNBC story.

“My own view on this is that all large institutions of any kind whether they be government agencies, nonprofits, universities, and certainly including big corporations, deserve to be inspected and scrutinized,” Bezos said. “It’s normal … I say, ‘Look, we are a large corporation. We deserve to be inspected. It’s going to happen. Don’t take it personally.’ Because when you take it personally, you start to do things that are counterproductive.”

And, he said, "We have to conduct ourselves so when we are scrutinized we pass with flying colors.”

Nice that Bezos isn’t whining about anything, but rather is seeing new challenges as simply another test that Amazon has to pass. Based on the “flying colors” remark, he doesn’t just want to pass. He wants an A+.
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