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Quartz reports that “Blue Origin, the rocket company owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, aims to begin selling tickets for suborbital space flights to tourists next year.”

The story notes that “Bezos said in May that the company hadn’t determined the price yet. It seems pretty likely that it’s not exactly going to be an affordable jaunt for most … Unlike other companies aiming to turn the prospect of space tourism into a reality, Blue Origin isn’t taking reservations until it’s ready to start carrying people. Virgin Galactic, on the other hand, has taken hundreds of reservations for $250,000 tickets over the last decade, but after fatal setbacks, the company is still in the testing phase, and although founder Richard Branson expects to start flying soon, that timeline remains tenuous.”
KC's View:
How great would it be if Amazon Prime members were offered a discount on Blue Origin tickets? I’m not talking a huge discount that would make them available to poor schlubs like me … but maybe just a few thousand bucks that would make for some pretty good press coverage. Plus, they can pitch it as Amazon’s ecosystem reaching into the solar system.