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The Washington Post reports that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) plans to introduce legislation that “would require large employers such as Amazon, Walmart and McDonald’s to fully cover the cost of food stamps, public housing, Medicaid and other federal assistance received by their employees. The goal, he says, is to force corporations to pay a living wage and curb about $150 billion in taxpayer dollars that go to funding federal assistance programs for low-wage workers each year.”

According to the story, “The bill … would impose a 100 percent tax on government benefits received by workers at companies with 500 or more employees. For example, if an Amazon employee receives $300 in food stamps, Amazon would be taxed $300.”
KC's View:
I hope there is some nuance in this bill. For example, there probably are people working on a part-time basis for all these companies, and who are on some sort of public assistance at other times; employers certainly should not be held accountable for those benefits.

It is an interesting proposal - albeit one that I suspect has no chance of become law anytime soon. But I wonder how many senior executives are compensated based on how low they can drive their companies’ labor costs, which often means paying people as little as they can et away with … and then rail about the amount of taxpayer money that goes to various public assistance programs. These senior executives are enjoying rising salaries, improved benefits and increased stock options, and taxpayers have to fund assistance programs because people working for them can’t get by.

A rising tide is supposed to float all boats, but some - especially those of the less fortunate - are stuck in dry dock.