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The Triad Business Journal reports that Publix, which continues its march up the east coast, plans to build a $400 million, 1.8 million square-foot distribution center in Greensboro, North Carolina.

According to the story, “It will be the largest distribution facility in the region – larger even than the 1.75 million-square-foot former Sears Distribution Center in Greensboro. Among grocers, it would also outsize the 1.48 million-square-foot Harris Teeter hub in Greensboro and the newly built 900,000-square-foot Lidl hub in Mebane.”

The Business Journal goes on to note that “the Triad is already hot spot for distribution centers, grocery or otherwise. Walmart, Lidl and Harris Teeter all have hubs in the region. And brands such as Ashley Furniture, Ralph Lauren, Gildan and Coca-Cola Bottling also have warehouse and distribution operations in the region.”
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