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Wegmans has announced that it has installed a new system in all its 97 stores that is designed to help shoppers who are either blind or vision-impaired.

According to the announcement, Wegmans is working with Aira, a San Diego-based startup that “makes use of wearable technology, artificial intelligence, and live, human assistance to deliver real-time visual description for people who are blind or have low vision. Using a smartphone or a pair of smart glasses, an Aira ‘Explorer’ can connect to a remote, trained professional who can provide assistance on-demand using a live camera stream, GPS, maps, and information sourced from the web … Blind and low vision shoppers can download the Aira app on their smartphone and use it to connect to a remote, sighted agent to access information on-demand. On request, Aira agents can help shoppers navigate the store, find specific items, and identify the shortest checkout lines all at just the touch of a button.”

“At Wegmans, we are committed to providing incredible customer service to all our shoppers,” says Linda Lovejoy, community relations manager for Wegmans. “Our partnership with Aira helps us deliver on this commitment, giving our blind and low-vision customers access to this innovative service and the ability to navigate our stores easily and efficiently.”
KC's View:
Wegmans, clear-eyed as always, about how to serve customers.