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Got the following email from an MNB reader regarding our back-and-forth about baby boomers’ sensitivity not just to getting older, but about what they’ll be called as they get older:

KC, I don't think you are too sensitive about your age at all, and I call BS on the guy who said he calls everyone sir, even a 16 year old boy? He's still a kid, not a sir!  Come on now, that not only sounds silly but I'll bet the kid would be taken aback, and think it was odd - I know I would have at that age.  At 16 I would have called the gentleman sir, out of respect but in no way would I expect it back!

Another MNB reader wrote:

As one firmly in that category, I thought your analysis on what to call boomers was right on and honestly pretty funny.  Sure it is a little surprising when someone calls you sir or you look in the mirror and see all the gray (or missing) hair but unless you let it change the way you think about yourself it makes little difference.  It really is about change management isn’t it?

Regarding the story about Geoffrey Owens, the former “Cosby Show” actor who lately has been working at Trader Joe’s to make ends meet between acting gigs, and who got job-shamed because of it, one MNB reader wrote:

This story fascinated me in that people and the media apparently went straight to job shaming without even considering the alternative.

Geoffrey Owens may have been researching a part...?

Awhile back you mentioned trying to adopt a new viewpoint which I'm going to paraphrase as "trying to see both sides of the story" before passing judgement on situations. Many of us were raised with something along that same line in that for one to truly know someone, they must walk a mile in their shoes.

I'm disappointed with the current state of affairs where people don't even think things through before either saying or doing something harmful to another person without caring. I often wonder where it will end but I was also taught to do the right thing whether or not anyone is looking and raised my daughters to do the same thing. One never really knows the impact of a little kindness but hopefully the ripples continue outwards.

Hopefully there are others who will continue to do the same and thanks for letting me vent.

I take your point, but the fact is that Owens wasn’t researching a part, has been up front about why he was working at Trader Joe’s, and much of the media called foul for job-shaming only after certain media outlets made fun of him.

I think there are times when the media jumps a little too quickly. Seems to me that this isn’t one of those times.

Amazon announced that it is expanding its partnership with Sears, in which it provides full-service tire installation and balancing for customers who purchase any brand of tires - including DieHard - on Amazon. It’ll now be available at Sears stores nationwide.

Prompting MNB reader Andy Casey to write:

There are still “Sears stores nationwide”?  Who knew.

And, regarding the Starbucks store in Mexico staffed completely by senior citizens, MNB reader Robert Mahon wrote:

That should be done in the USA as well. I ‘d apply.

Me, too. Just not quite yet. Maybe after I’ve been an ossan-for-hire.
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