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Yesterday, MNB took note of the opening by Starbucks of its third Reserve Roastery, in Milan, located in the former post office in Palazzo delle Poste on Piazza Cordusio, an ornate 1901 building designed by architect Luigi Broggi.

I commented that “the pictures certainly make the spot look bellissima, and I’m certainly up for a trip to check it out.

Which prompted one MN reader, the wonderful Beatrice Orlandini, who lives in Italy, to write:

Well, today is the big day and there is a lot of excitement.

They picked a great location and the preview snaps are stunning. We’ll see how it works out.

Later on, she offered this update:

The whole square had been closed to traffic and an evening party was due. The rain dampened hopes and party, which was then held inside.

Consumer associations are already protesting heavily for what are deemed to be outrageous prices:

1.80 euros for an espresso (average price for same service in a bar in Milan: 1 euro 10 cents).

3.50 euros for an American coffee.

4.50 euros for a cappuccino (average price no more than 1.60 euros).

No comparisons yet for the price of muffins, croissants etc…

But, she did have one problem with my comment:

It's bellissimo (masculine); whichever term you choose to translate Spot into Italian with, it's always masculine. Bellissima is the feminine.

Molte grazie. (I hope.)
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