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CNBC reports that Amazon Business, a dedicated site that has been selling business supplies to corporate and institutional customers for just three years, is expected to achieve $10 billion in sales this year.

Amazon says that the site has “millions of business customers,” and an analysis shows that “Amazon Business is on a faster growth trajectory than any of the company's other business units. For example, it took seven years for Amazon's consumer marketplace to go from $1 billion to $10 billion in sales, while AWS surpassed the $10 billion sales milestone only in 2016 — 10 years after its launch.”
KC's View:
I cannot help but think of how the federal government, using a dated and outmoded definition of antitrust, blocked Staples’ attempt to acquire Office Depot on the grounds that it would give the combined retailing entity too much competitive power … ignoring the fact that Amazon is an enormous - and still growing - factor in this sector.