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Volkswagen said yesterday that next year will be the last that it will make the iconic Beetle, and it puts a greater emphasis on SUVs and still-to-be manufactured electric cars that it thinks are more in synch with consumer tastes.

According to USA Today, “The Beetle had fallen out of favor among American consumers despite its iconic body style. The last version will be offered in two special models: the Final Edition SE and Final Edition SEL.”

The current Beetle reportedly is only made in one factory, in Mexico.

The Volkswagen decision should be seen within the context of the announcement recently by Ford that it essentially is getting out of the passenger vehicle business (except for the Mustang) and concentrating on trucks and SUVs.
KC's View:
If I’m not mistaken, this actually is just the latest iteration of the Beetle; it went away for awhile (at least here in the US), and then came back in its current form. While sales may have been down, it remains both iconic and instantly recognizable … and I’m not surprised that the Volkswagen folks have been careful to suggest that it could make a comeback at some point in the future.

After all, the almost-as-iconic Volkswagen bus apparently has made a comeback … though I don’t think I’ve seen one on the road.

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