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CNBC this morning reports that Amazon is adding to its Alexa ecosystem by releasing at least eight new voice-controlled devices in time for the end-of-year holiday shopping season, including “a microwave oven, an amplifier, a receiver, a subwoofer, and an in-car gadget.” All can be controlled via the Alexa system, and some will have Alexa built into them.

The new devices, CNBC writes, “reflect Amazon's ambition to make its Alexa voice technology ubiquitous by focusing on areas where people spend most of their time — at home and in the car. Alexa was initially considered a geeky experiment at Amazon. Now it is now one of the most popular voice assistants, leading the growth of the burgeoning smart speaker market, which is expected to be worth $30 billion by 2024, according to Global Market Insights.

“These products mark Amazon's first move into the home appliances space, putting it in direct competition with companies like Sonos and GE. Sonos already has an amplifier and subwoofer that works with Alexa, while GE has a smart microwave that can be connected to and controlled with Alexa. Garmin also has an Alexa-compatible dash cam that can be used in the car.”
KC's View:
I am a dedicated Alexa user, and I have to admit that there are all sorts of times when I wish the system were available. This is all about networking together the various parts of our lives and creating a more intuitive system that, not coincidentally, further establishes Amazon as the first and often the best place to buy anything.