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The Cincinnati Business Courier reports that Procter & Gamble’s GilletteLabs division has come up with a new product - a Heated Razor that “features a warming bar that heats up in less than one second, delivering the pleasure of a hot towel shave with every stroke.”

Such a razor would cost more than $100 at retail … but at the moment, the only place that people can get the product is at crowdfunding site Indiegogo, where consumers can get a great deal of information about the development of the product.

Going the crowdfunding route, GilletteLabs says, “provides us the opportunity to test the product with consumers and gather valuable intel in this ongoing co-creation journey.”

For the record, as of this morning 474 people had bought the Heated Razor on Indiegogo … 189 percent of the 250 people that Gillette had set as its goal.
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