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The Orlando Sentinel has a story about a new study from analytics firm Profitect suggesting that there is plenty of support among young people for the physical shopping experience.

The study says that “about 42 percent of shoppers age 18-22 (the post-millennial age group) prefer to shop in-store versus online. And 34 percent of respondents said they like both equally, while only 23 percent they preferred online.” It went on to say that “younger shoppers demand that a retailer’s website needs an accurate count of what’s in stock at a particular store and that bad customer service can turn away those customers.

The release of this study “follows a survey released last week from the National Retail Federation, which said 98 percent of Gen Z shoppers prefer to make purchases in a store versus online.”
KC's View:
These kinds of studies sort of irritate me. (Forget the NRF study, which I think is ludicrous … I don’t think that 98n percent of any demographic agrees on anything.)

I think that Gen Z likes to go to stores, but I suspect they hate going to mediocre, ill-defined and non-differentiated stores. They’ll go to great stores that engage them for a variety of reasons, but it hard to imagine that they’re enthusiastic about crappy stores.