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CNN reports that Walmart has been unsuccessful in its attempts to persuade the Trump administration “to walk back its plan to put tariffs on Christmas lights, shampoo, dog food, luggage, mattresses, handbags, backpacks, vacuum cleaners, bicycles, cooking grills, cable cords and air conditioners.” While the nation’s largest retailer sent a letter to US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer arguing that such tariffs would hurt its customers, the Trump administration was “unmoved,” and has “pressed forward with 10% tariffs on those products and $200 billion worth of other imports from China. The tariffs, which take effect next week, will jump to 25% at the end of the year,” and are expected to have an impact on many of the items that Walmart sells.

The story says that “Walmart will have to wrestle with the price question in a big way. Of the company's $500 billion in sales last year, about $50 billion was linked to Chinese imports or investments in Chinese businesses, estimated Greg Melich, a retail analyst at MoffettNathanson. And raising prices is anathema to Walmart, a company that controls 10% of the US retail market and has a customer base of low- and middle-income Americans.”
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