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TechCrunch reports that Walmart is planning to send Oculus Go virtual reality headsets to each of its almost 5,000 stores to be used in employee training. Four headsets will be sent to each of its supercenters, and two to each Neighborhood Market.

According to the story, “The move is the evolution of an announcement that the company made last year that it was working with STRIVR Labs to bring virtual reality training to its 200 ‘Walmart Academy’ training centers. Those training sessions were done on PC-tethered Oculus Rifts, the move to Oculus Go headsets really showcases how much more simple standalone headset hardware is to set up and operate. Just being able to send a few of these to each store and expect that people will be able to navigate them easily is a win for Oculus and Facebook as most early VR hardware has taken a healthy bit of troubleshooting in order to engage with anything.”
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