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Amazon-owned Whole Foods has sued animal rights activist group Direct Action Everywhere on Wednesday, “alleging members of the group have been illegally trespassing at its stores,” according to a story from Eater.

The story says that “Direct Action Everywhere, also known as DxE, is planning a week-long occupation of Whole Foods’ Berkeley stores starting on September 23, an action that the grocery chain is hoping to cut off at the pass. DxE’s very public targeting of Whole Foods goes back at least three years: In 2015, the activist group released a 19-minute video featuring footage of chickens at a farm that supplied eggs to Whole Foods, alleging inhumane treatment.”

Since that time, the story says, “DxE has seemingly endeavored to disrupt Whole Foods at every possible opportunity, extensively documenting its protests and posting them on YouTube. Videos show activists clad in fake blood-spattered butcher’s coats interrupting a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the grand opening of a Silicon Valley Whole Foods, confronting CEO John Mackey during an event at Stanford, and bringing TVs inside a Whole Foods store to show customers video footage of factory farm practices.”

Eater writes that “DxE says the company’s acquisition by Amazon has led it to a new strategy of ‘crushing activists through litigation,’ claiming to have obtained internal Whole Foods memos that ‘demonstrate the company’s intolerance of dissent’.”
KC's View:
This can’t be very good for Whole Foods’ image, especially at a time when there are those who suspect that its commitments and core values may be a little shaky under Amazon ownership. I’m not sure this is entirely fair, but image matters, and they have toi pay attention to this stuff.