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The New York Times had a story over the weekend about the Frühauf bookstore in Bad Sooden-Allendorf, a German community with a population of just 8,500 people. The store has been thriving - largely because it has added fresh baked goods and fresh local sausages to its inventory.

“Here, in the wooded, castle-studded region where the Brothers Grimm gathered their fairy tales, the decline in readership seen in recent years across Germany as digital media competes with books for people’s time and attention is compounded by a number of typically rural problems: an aging population, weak local economy, deteriorating infrastructure and the rise of big-box shopping centers and chain stores.”

In its own way, the Frühauf bookstore got lucky - the town’s local bakeries were closing, but one of the bakers who worked there wanted to keep working. And so the bookstore started selling fresh bread. And then customers started asking for the fresh sausages that used to be available locally, and so the bookstore started selling those, too.
KC's View:
You can read the story, entitled, “Would You Like Some Sausage With Your Novel?”, here. It offers a good lesson in doing what you need to do to survive.