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Business Insider reports that “retailers such as Target, JCPenney, and Kohl's are offering new perks in an effort to win over thousands of seasonal workers this holiday season.

“Kohl's is offering workers ‘unprecedented’ discounts, Target is highlighting its higher starting pay, and Walmart is reportedly surveying workers on what perks they want the most.”

The story notes that “there were 757,000 retail-job openings across the United States in July, which is about 100,000 more than a year ago … The influx of jobs is coming at a time when unemployment is low, at 3.9% in August. As a result, retailers are scrambling to figure out how to win over workers.”

• The Financial Times has a story about the relationship issues that Carrefour and Casino seem to be having in France. Casino says it spurned a merger proposition from Carrefour, and Carrefour says it never made such an offer.
The story says that “a Casino-Carrefour tie-up would have combined two of the biggest names in the highly competitive French food retail market, where players are seeking to eke out profits amid a multiyear price war and ramp up their e-commerce offerings to resist the march of Amazon.”

Casino’s management has said that it will do everything it again to assure its continued independence, while Carrefour’s management says it is “reviewing its legal options in order to stop these unacceptable innuendos.”

C’est la vie.
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