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Even after a 162 game Major League Baseball season, the National League playoff picture still is in flux, with divisional tie-breaker games required today in both the Central Division, where the Milwaukee Brewers will play the Chicago Cubs in Chicago, and the West, where the Colorado Rockies will play the Los Angeles Dodgers in Los Angeles. The Atlanta Braves have nailed down the National League East, and Wednesday’s Wild Card Game will be played between whichever teams lose the tie-breaker games.

It is a lot clearer in the American League:

• American League East - Boston Red Sox
• American League Central - Cleveland Indians
• American League West - Houston Astros
• Wild Card Game - Oakland A’s vs. New York Yankees in New York

In Week Four of National Football League (NFL) action…

Houston 37
Indianapolis 34

Buffalo 0
Green Bay 22

Tampa Bay 10
Chicago 48

Miami 7
New England 38

Detroit 24
Dallas 26

Cincinnati 37
Atlanta 36

NY Jets 12
Jacksonville 31

Philadelphia 23
Tennessee 26

Cleveland 42
Oakland 45

Seattle 20
Arizona 17

New Orleans 33
NY Giants 18

San Francisco 27
San Diego 29

Baltimore 26
Pittsburgh 14
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