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MarketWatch has a story about Bed Bath & Beyond’s continuing travails, writing that it continues to miss its financial targets, which then drives down its share price, which is tough at a time when it is in the middle of a “turnaround and modernization program that includes optimizing the supply chain and revamping stores.”

The story points out that an analysts’ assessment of the company indicates that there is a “widening price gap” with Amazon that only lessens when one goes to Bed Bath & Beyond with one of its familiar blue and white 20 percent (or more) discount coupons, or belong to its frequent shopper club.

But, the analyst consensus seems to be that there is very little light at the end of a very long tunnel.
KC's View:
We’ve discussed Bed Bath & Beyond here before, but it is worth pointing out again that this is what happens when a retailer devalues the brand to the point where the vast majority of customers won’t walk in the door without one of those coupons. There’s very little that one can get at a BBB that you can’t get online or at other retailers, and they did almost nothing - other than send out coupons - that was designed to get people in the front door.

Maybe Toys R Us should be reserving space on the rowboat to Retail Oblivion for Bed Bath & Beyond? Maybe they could squeeze them in next to Sears and Kmart?