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CNBC reports this morning that you can add PepsiCo to the list of US beverage manufacturers “taking a hard look at the cannabis industry.”

"I think we'll look at it critically, but I'm not prepared to share any plans that we may have in the space right now," says CFO Hugh Johnston.

The story notes that “cannabis, which is federally illegal in the U.S., but legal in some states and in Canada, has attracted increasing attention from food and beverage companies as either an opportunity for future growth, or conversely, a threat to their brands.” Among the companies expressing interest are beer maker Constellation, which has invested billions in cannabis company Canopy Growth, and Coca-Cola, which is said to be “eyeing the cannabis-infused drink market.”
KC's View:
It seems as if everybody wants to get into this business, and only are being cagey because of concerns about what the feds might do. I think those are reasonable concerns, but that they are largely temporary … this is going to be a big business for a lot of people very soon.