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• In North Carolina, the News & Observer reports that a Wegmans about to be built in Cary, NC, has been reduced in size from 130,000 square feet to 103,000 square feet, with spokesman Stephen Leaty saying that the “company has adopted a smaller footprint for new stores to meet the demands of the changing marketplace.”

“We are seeing changes in the way customers buy groceries,” Leaty tells the paper. “We have a design that will be more efficient. We have seen changes in the retail environment, including the way we do business.”

• The BBC reports that Tesco has removed “best by” labels from almost 200 fresh produce items, saying that the move “will help consumers cut food waste.”

According to the story, “Among the produce being added to the list are apples, oranges, cabbages and asparagus. Tesco said research showed scrapping best-before dates helped consumers keep ‘perfectly good food’ for longer.”

However, Tesco says that the expiration date labeling “on fresh products such as meat, fish, dairy or poultry will remain the same.”
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