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CNBC reports that PayPal “will start offering deposit and withdrawal services at Walmart stores - for a fee,” the first time that PayPal customers will be able to access their accounts while in a bricks-and-mortar store. The service is expected to be available in every US Walmart store in early November.

The story notes that “such services can attract customers who have limited or no banking services.”

• The Los Angeles Times reports that “about 100,000 current and former Walmart cashiers in California might soon be eligible to receive slices of a $65-million settlement that the retailer has agreed to pay after being accused of failing to provide suitable seating for workers who want it.” A federal court judge has to approve the settlement to resolve the case.

The story says that the two sides are settling to avoid an extended court fight. “The proposed settlement says that the retailer still believes the nature of the work performed by its cashiers does not reasonably permit the use of a seat,” the Times writes. “It has previously argued that workers need to be able to move around to greet customers, look inside carts and stock shelves. The company has also argued that seating makes cashiers less efficient, that customers prefer cashiers who stand and that providing seating to its cashiers would cause a significant loss of revenue.”

If my math is right, that works out to about $650 per employee. So it is a relatively small slice…
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