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On Wednesday, the New York Times reports, Canada will become just the second country in the world to legalize cannabis, after almost a century during which it was illegal.

(For the record, Uruguay was first.)

The Times writes that “as the legalization date approaches, much of the focus has been on logistics - setting up laws for where people can smoke and buy cannabis, figuring out how the police will test drivers for its signs, drafting workplace policies and jockeying for a piece of the booming multibillion-dollar industry.

“But the pop-up cannabis market - where everything will remain illegal until next year, when the sale of cannabis-infused edibles and other products becomes legal - prompts larger questions about how cannabis will change the culture of Canada. Will it turn stereotypically polite and slightly reserved Canadians into laid-back, summery people?”

You can read the story here … and maybe ask yourself how this will play out in the US when, inevitably, the same changes happen here.
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