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Content Guy’s Note: I recently had the opportunity to moderate a podcast on the subject of “Commerce in the Smart City,” as part of the GMDC Retail Tomorrow conference in Toronto … several days of terrific conversation, presentations, store visits, and a focus on where the world of retail is going and how it is going to get there.

A retail executive told me not that long ago that “too many companies are not innovating for tomorrow. Instead, they are defending yesterday.” The goal of the Toronto Retail Tomorrow conference, as well as the past ones (in Silicon Valley, New York and Seattle) and the next one (scheduled for Los Angeles), is to have our eyes trained firmly on the future … with all its promises, implications and challenges.

Our guests for the podcast were Chris Lydle, Retail Innovation, Google; Darryl Jullott, Senior Manager, Digital Main Street in Toronto; and Pano Anthos, Managing Director of XRC Labs. (Pictured below.)

I hope you’ll find it to be as fascinating as I did.

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