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The Wall Street Journal reports that Uber Technologies “envisions taking to the skies with a fleet of food-delivery drones in as little as three years, an ambitious timeline for a ride-hailing company that would face numerous technical challenges and regulatory hurdles.”

The story notes that “proponents of unmanned aircraft such as Uber, Inc. and other companies are scrambling to draft wide-ranging blueprints for various home delivery efforts, ranging from training ground operators and certifying vehicles to analyzing hazardous incidents. But Uber sketched out a faster timeline than many regulators envision, and such companies generally have been careful to avoid antagonizing regulators by publicly laying out comprehensive plans before they have even been formally submitted or gone through vetting by regulators.”

The new drone business would build on the success of Uber Eats, a food delivery service described as a “bright spot” for the company.

One of the first steps that Uber is taking to make this happen? It is looking for an operations executive to run the business.
KC's View:
It was just last week that we learned that Uber plans to put greater emphasis on food and even plans to develop a short-term, on-demand staffing business … all keyed to its planned IPO.

Which is all we really need to know. It is about the IPO.