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CNN tells the story of Rich Morgan, a former resident of Battle Creek, Michigan, who moved with his wife Julie to Indianapolis a quarter-century ago. But despite the fact they moved, they never lost a craving for Steve’s Pizza, where they’d go for dinner every payday.

This year, they decided to return to Battle Creek for Rich’s birthday, just to enjoy some more Steve’s Pizza.

But instead, CNN reports, “they ended up in the ER, where Rich Morgan was told his cancer had worsened and that he had weeks -- maybe days -- to live. He was placed in hospice care.”

Last week, Dalton Shaffer - the 18-year-old grandson of Steve, original owner of the pizzeria, and the current manager - heard about Rich’s situation from Julie’s dad, who hoped that Dalton would send Rich a text message to make him feel better. But Shaffer went one step further. He asked what kind of pizza Rich and Julie liked - it ended up being mushroom and pepperoni - and then he made them and got on the road and drove the 3.5 hours to Indianapolis. Where he delivered the pizzas. And then got back on the road to drive back to Battle Creek, because he had to work the next morning.

Rich Morgan died on Saturday after a two-year battle with cancer.
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