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The Washington Post reports that Kelly Johnston, Campbell Soup’s vice president of Government Affairs, finds himself under fire this morning because of comments he made on Twitter about the migrant caravan moving north toward the US-Mexican border.

In his tweet, the story says, “Johnston suggested that George Soros’s Open Society Foundations had orchestrated the migration of thousands of people and was even controlling ‘where they defecate.’ Johnston accused the group of having ‘an army of American immigration lawyers waiting at the border’.”

Part of the problem is that the tweet came a day after “an explosive device was planted in Soros’s mailbox at his New York home, authorities said. The device was safely dealt with, and the case was transferred to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.” Johnson’s social media foray has been criticized as reflecting a politically toxic environment that is getting out of control; there have been some calls for a boycott of Campbell Soup as a result.

Campbell Soup distanced itself from the tweet, saying it reflected Johnson’s personal opinions, not those of the company.

The tweet itself has been taken down, and Johnson’s Twitter account deleted.

The Post notes that liberal philanthropist Soros “is a frequent target of the far-right and is often the subject of conspiracy theories … Other images of deleted tweets showed that Johnston’s comments were not the first he had made about the migrant caravan or Soros. In one tweet earlier this month, Johnston seemed to mock the idea of a hurricane endangering the lives of vulnerable migrants.”
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