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Raley’s owner/chairman Mike Teel has launched a video blog, called “Minute with Mike Teel,” in which the company says he will tackle “challenging issues facing the food system today.” It is, the company says, “Mike’s latest effort in his personal mission to help consumers make the best decisions for their health and wellbeing … Mike believes that the grocery business, specifically, has an obligation to help people eat better by enabling them to make healthier choices.”

“I believe that by being in the business of food, we are also in the business of health,” Teel says. “Our aisles are the point of decision-making that can have a huge impact on health, with customers making thousands of decisions about what they put into their bodies each day. The topics discussed in these videos come from the heart and my personal beliefs and experiences. My hope is that they’ll inspire a real conversation in the food industry that inspires food producers and grocery stores to change for the better, together.”

You can see the first episode, about added sugar in products, here.
KC's View:
Welcome to the YouTube video blog family, Mike.

I think if you have something to say, the means to say it and the ability to gather a crowd, it makes total sense and can only bolster the brand.

One word of warning, though. Doing a video blog means that there is a permanent record of the aging process. I was curious this morning, because I couldn’t remember when I did my first FaceTime with the Content Guy. It was in January 2011 … and my hair was a lot darker then. (And, go figure, it actually was a commentary about hair color … you can check it out here.)