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Market research firm Packaged Facts is out with its second annual Online Grocery Shopping report, saying that while “online sales of groceries more than tripled between 2013 and 2018,” it is expected that between now and 2023, “online grocery sales will more than quadruple as online options become more available and consumers become more open to trying online shopping or using online options more frequently to purchase their groceries.”

The report goes on: “Amazon and Walmart are currently the key participants in the market, together accounting for nearly 28% of online grocery sales. Instacart, Kroger, FreshDirect, and Peapod represent other large providers in the online grocery market, with Instacart being the largest third-party pack-and-deliver company. Looking ahead, Packaged Facts anticipates Walmart's dominance as a grocer, nationwide presence, and large number of rural stores give it a competitive advantage in expanding online grocery shopping to much of the U.S. population.”

And, the report concludes that “increased use of mobile phones and smartphones,” improved “interfaces for websites and mobile apps,” and an “expansion of crowdsourced business models to shopping and delivery” all add up to “a perfect environment for growth of the online grocery market.”
KC's View:
No doubt in my mind that this is a distinct possibility, especially as more companies get on board.

By the way, because I never miss an opportunity to beat a dead horse, note that the report gives Instacart equivalency with the names Kroger, Peapod and FreshDirect. This just reiterates the point I keep making - that Instacart is working to disintermediate retailers from their customers, to the point where it is dangerous.

Just sayin’.